About Sandipendra Trust

Sandipendra Aashram

Swami Sandipendra Sanskrit Vidhya Parishad is the fruit of the devoted efforts of SWAMl Sandipendra Ji MAHARAJ. It has been founded and directed by him.

It is dedicated to promoting the spirit of service of humanity, studies of scriptures and Satsang. It is primarily engaged in spiritual pursuits but in its spiritual life the accent is on social content and changes.Selfless service to mankind is the rule here.

The Sangh works for the destitutes, uneducated, those suffering deprivation and has made its mission to rehabilitate the destitute, to feed the hungry and to provide for the poor. The Sangh holds spiritual discoures regularly to inculcate the right values, control over evil thoughts, proper control of mind and positive celibacy.

Sandipendra Trust

Swami Sandipendra Sanskrit Vidhya Parishad Foundation is an NGO that has been actively contributing in various cultural and social initiatives since 2006. The trust has a old age home and Hermitage centre running in Nalkheda.

The trust also runs an educational project in Maa Baglamukhi Parishad. The trust also actively participates in the propagation of various public awareness programs like Swatch Sarvekshan project in Madhya Pradesh. Swamiji has actively taken part in svachchh sarvekshan Mission himself. He also supports Plantation Mission, Save Ganga Movement.

He believes that India is a country with diversity and culture. The culture and diversity that are different from other countries. The way other festivals are of special importance in our country. In the same way, different rivers have a major place and importance. Of all those rivers, the Ganges River is the most sacred and prominent river in India. Ganges River It is the longest river in India. All people of Hindu religion consider this river to be revered. Thus, keeping it clean is the responsibility of all..