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Ramayan and Ram Charit Manas

The Ramayana is an epic poem which was first written from memory (smriti) by sage Valmiki in the Sanskrit language. Many years later, Goswami Tulsidas, born in the 16th century, wrote the Ramcharitamanas (a dfferent verson of the Ramayana written in Avadhi Hindi), which is the scripture used as a basis by Morari Bapu in his kathas.

Through Asia, the Ramayana has served not only as poetry, but as the ideal of life and embodiment of principles, as the basis for festivals, plays and rituals, as the foundation for religion, and as an eternal tale of love and duty.

The Ramcharitmanasa is broken up into stanzas called chaupais, passages of which are interposed with dohas or couplets. It is filled with exquisite poetry and consists of seven chapters: Bal Kand, Ayodhya Kand, Aranya Kand, Kiskindha Kand, Sundar Kand, Lanka Kand and Uttar Kand.

All these sections cover the different periods of Lord Rama’s life, taking us right from his boyhood, through his exile and his life in the forest, to the abduction of Sita, the war which follows in Lanka and finally, what happens after the recovery of his wife. Preceding these seven sections, the story of Lord Shiva has also been narrated in the form of a prologue to Ram’s story.

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Ramayan Research Council

The Ramayana Research Council is a registered institution in the form of trust which has been continuously working with the commitment to spread the Human Welfare Messages of Prabhu Shriram as well as Research works on Ramayana & ShriRamcharitManas to the Mass. A group of 21 saints have been involved in the said Research works. The Council is writing a Deepest Researched Book ever (of 1108 Pages & in 10 International Languages apart from Hindi) on Shriram Mandir (Ayodhya) Struggle. We’ve been promoting ‘Digital Ramleela Manchan’ Time & Again. We are soon constructing a ‘Ram Darbar’ which will give us more strength to our campaign.

॥ Laxman ji is also known as "Analkesh - "Laxman ji is also known as "Analkesh" It is believed that during the 14 years of exile, Lakshman never slept for the purpose of protecting his brother and sister-in-law. Due to this, he is also known as "Analkesh". On the first night of exile,

when Lord Shree Ram and Mother Sita were sleeping then Nidra Devi appeared in front of Lakshman. At that time Laxman ji requested Nidra Devi to give her such a boon that she could not sleep during 14 years of exile and that she could protect her dear brother and sister-in-law.

Nidra Devi said delighted that if someone sleeps for 14 years instead of you then you can get this boon. After this, on the advice of Laxman ji, Nidra Devi reached Laxman ji's wife and mother Sita's sister "Urmila". Urmila ji accepted gold in lieu of Laxman ji and slept for the whole 14 years. : Sri Sri 1008 Paramhans Swami Sandipendra Ji Maharaj, Baglamukhi Mata Mandir premises (Nalkheda, Madhya Pradesh) cum Chief Conservator, Ramayan Research Council.

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